HIVAMAT 200: relief of chronic pain

by richard on March 5, 2015

Typical HIVAMAT setup.

Typical HIVAMAT setup.

Tina’s Story

The first time I saw Tina (not her real name) she was in her wheel chair in the waiting room at her pain management doctor’s office. I was there to do a demonstration of the HIVAMAT 200 and Tina was who I would demonstrate on.

For the last eight years Tina had been dealing with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS), an intensely painful chronic neurological condition that developed after she had surgery. She was prescribed numerous powerful pain medications and had an implanted electronic pain management device. On a scale of one to ten, her daily pain level was 8, sometimes nine, in spite of the medications. On the day I treated her she said it was 9. Her feet and lower legs were the most painful and they were mottled red and purple. She could rarely tolerate shoes and could not perform any activities of daily living without help because her pain was so intense. Her doctor told her that he had a new therapy he thought would help her but did not tell her any more details.

Tina’s session was typical; a straightforward, lymphatic session using the HIVAMAT 200. (To learn more about the HIVAMAT, click here.) I did a full neck, abdomen, and worked on both legs. I repeated this sequence twice, once at a high HIVAMAT frequency of 150 and once at a low frequency of 20. Her feet were too sensitive for me to touch so I did not work on them.  Total time of the session was 35-40 minutes. While Tina’s session that day was typical the results were miraculous.

Getting off the treatment table was not painful for Tina. Dressing was not uncomfortable and she did not require assistance from her husband. She reported a pain level of 2 as her husband helped her out of the treatment room. As she sat in the waiting room waiting for her husband to get the car, she began to cry. “I don’t remember when I haven’t felt any pain. It didn’t hurt to walk. My legs… just don’t hurt.”

When I talked to Tina the following day, she reported the results of that session lasted almost the entire day, with the pain returning gradually that evening. She had one whole day without pain. She took the dog out and walked two houses down the street, which was something she had not done in several years.

The HIVAMAT 200 enhances skilled bodywork creating a powerful method of pain management for CRPS and other painful conditions.  If you have pain, inflammation and swelling we want to talk to you and answer your questions. Call us. To learn more about the HIVAMAT and how it works, and to see videos, CLICK HERE.


Richard Maas is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphatic Therapist, drummer, and gardener. He and his wife Dianne started practicing massage in 1990.

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