Treating Text Neck

by richard on April 2, 2015

As I finished texting everyone in my world this morning I noticed my neck hurt and it felt stiff. Later I got an email about treating Text Neck from one of the massage gurus I follow. Darn! He was describing me!
To see a 3 minute video about Text Neck

Simply put, Text Neck is the label that describes the postural changes that occur to your neck muscles and spine while using a hand held digital device. Text Neck is another way of talking about Forward Head Posture (FHP), something that is very common in our culture. Here are the most common symptoms of FHP, and Text Neck:


  1. Pain in the neck,
  2. Headaches (in all parts of your head, forehead and sometimes into your eyes),
  3. Possible pain radiating into your shoulders, arms and hands,
  4. Can sometimes make you feel dizzy (spatial orientation difficulties).


Often the reason you feel such discomfort and pain is because the muscles of your neck and upper back become locked in the Text Neck position.  That makes them very tight and overworked which makes them sore, painful and tender. Those sore, overworked muscles can contribute to the symptoms mentioned above. Plus, holding your head in Text Neck position can cause other issues, like spinal alignment issues and nerve entrapment issues, if it continues long enough.


We know about treating Text Neck here. Tight, sore, overworked muscles are what we are very good at dealing with. Clients often tell us Text Neck symptoms get much better in one session. They also say they can stand straighter and breathe easier, too.

Call us if you have questions about Text Neck, or headaches and pain in your shoulders, arms and hands. To read the article about Text Neck I mentioned at the beginning of this post CLICK HERE  


Richard Maas is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphatic Therapist, drummer, and gardener. He and his wife Dianne started practicing massage in 1990.

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