This Pollen is about to Kill Me! Neti Pot to the rescue.

by richard on October 14, 2015

Is anyone else having the toughest time ever trying to breathe? This year I am having more trouble with allergy-like symptoms than I ever have. I had to cancel 4 days of work last week because I could not talk, could not keep from coughing with every breath, and I would have dripped snot on everyone.

neti pot

Neti Pot to the rescue! What the Neti Pot does is gently rinse out your sinuses. It flushes out the pollen, which is brilliant. The Neti Pot in the picture is what my Neti Pot looks like, but there are several designs that all do the same, simple thing. After using the Neti Pot I can breathe, my sinus headache gets better, and the post nasal drip into my throat has gone. All Neti Pots come with instructions, how much salt to use, and many include salt when you buy them. Here is a video of how to use the Neti Pot.

Neti Pot Alert: There have been a small number of people who have gotten brain infections from using tap water in their Neti Pot that was not clean enough. While this was tragic it was a tiny number of people out of the very large number of people who use a Neti Pot. To keep this from ever occurring use clean water in your Neti Pot. Distilled water. If you don’t have distilled water, boil water, let it cool to bath water temp, and use that.

Also, come in for a sinus treatment using the HIVAMAT. What is the HIVAMAT? A unique, very effective technology that enhances the effects of the lymphatic sinus treatment we do. Click the above links to find out more about the HIVAMAT.  Doing a sinus treatment in combination with the Neti Pot is so, so good.

Good luck allergy peeps. I’m with you! Let us know if we can help.



Richard Maas is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphatic Therapist, drummer, and gardener. He and his wife Dianne started practicing massage in 1990.

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