Lymphatic massage and diet

by richard on November 5, 2015

Why is a massage therapist with great lymphatic massage training talking about diet so often? Shouldn’t I be talking about lymphedema, compression stockings and sleeves, the treatment of allergies and other lymphatic massage related things? Yep. And I will in upcoming posts. But, today it’s about diet.


I think diet (what we eat, not the short-term change in eating habits to obtain a goal weight) is the most significant factor in taking control of your health. And there is plenty good evidence to support this. In addition to that, I have seen remarkable changes the people I work on, in myself, and in the many friends who have changed the way they eat to a diet centered on plants.


So, if you want to feel better and take back the responsibility for your health, eat more plants. It is that simple. I am not talking about becoming “one of those vegan people”. Start by putting some veggies on your plate along with usual stuff.  A few places to get good info on eating a plant based diet are here:


What does lymphatic massage do for me?

  • Speeds the healing/recovery process. This includes healing from liposuction, sinus surgery and other reconstructive/corrective procedures.


  • Relieves swelling and inflammation. If your doctor recommended that you wear compression hose to control the swelling in your legs you will be helped by lymphatic massage.


  • Relieves pain. That shoulder, neck, arm, hip, back, or whatever that you wrenched, twisted, overused, or misused can be returned to active duty. And the treatment is comfortable.


Come try it. It’s comfortable. It’s great.



Richard Maas is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphatic Therapist, drummer, and gardener. He and his wife Dianne started practicing massage in 1990.

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