Liposuction and Lymphatic Massage: relieve swelling, ease pain, speed healing.

by richard on December 31, 2015

You just had a procedure. Liposuction. You are sure you’re not having any more kids so you wanted to do something about the “extra skin” around your middle. This is how my client, I’ll call her Rhonda, described her decision to have liposuction in the fall of 2015 and how she discovered the benefits of Lymphatic Massage.

Rhonda’s procedure went perfectly. Her doctor told her to wait a week to ten days after the procedure and then get lymphatic massage to reduce the swelling, ease the pain, and speed the healing. We agree with doctor!

From our experience/observations here is how lymphatic massage effects recovery from liposuction and other abdominal procedures:


  • Speeds the overall recovery/ healing process by 40%-50%.


  • Stand straighter after the first session. (Note: the doctor usually does not want the patient to force themselves to try and stand up straight so soon after surgery. Our clients tell us they feel like they are standing straighter and that it is easier to stand and move around after their first session.)


  • Reduced swelling around the abdomen and incision site(s) after the first session.


  • Releases and heals scar tissue around the incision site.


  • Reduces the lumpy areas under the skin.


Your lymphatic system is where tissue repair and healing, among other things, takes place. Performed only by a specially trained therapist, lymphatic massage specifically targets the lymphatic system and is very different than a regular relaxing massage. This allows the swelling to go down quickly, for pain to ease, and allows you to heal faster with sustained results.


I saw Rhonda for 7 sessions over a three and a half week period. Her swelling came down and by the last session had stayed down. The lumpy areas under the skin of her abdomen and sides were all but gone. Most of the time liposuction goes perfectly, as in Rhonda’s case, and sometimes there are some complications. Either way, lymphatic massage is excellent in speeding recovery from liposuction.


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Richard Maas is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphatic Therapist, drummer, and gardener. He and his wife Dianne started practicing massage in 1990.

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