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Lifestyle Tools for Dynamic Flexibility, Strength, and Stamina

We proudly provide the following treatments for swelling and pain:

In addition to providing treatments for swelling and pain, the Lewisville Massage Therapy Clinic encourages you to extend the benefits of your session work with at-home exercises.

These are simple — yet highly-supportive — movements that can be done at any time during your day.

By adding even just a select few of the following activities into your normal schedule, you will soon start to experience enhanced freedom from pain… faster soft tissue recovery… resistance to injury… and an over-all improvement with how you feel.

Be sure to ask us which of these easy exercises would be the most suitable for your individual situation. We’ll be happy to help guide you!

Remember — no matter which ones you opt to do — each one should be done smoothly, while taking care to maintain good posture and suitable technique.

Here are some brief descriptions and illustrations of the movements we recommend you consider doing to improve your body’s function and fitness-


Hip CrossoverHip Crossover: Arms out in “T” position, feet flat on the floor, knees bent and together, roil both knees to the right side siowiy controlling the lowering of your legs, letting the weight of your legs pull to end range even if the opposite shoulder comes off the floor; pause briefly, then in a controlled manner, take legs to the opposite side. Repeat 3 times to each side.


Hip RotationHip Rotation: Arms out in “T” position, knees bent, feet flat on floor slightly wider than shoulder width apart, anchor the right foot to the floor while letting the left knee roll inward and letting the weight of the left leg pull to end range, pause briefly, return to starting position, then repeat with right knee. Be sure to keep your anchored foot flat on the ground as you move the opposite leg. Repeat 3 times to each side.


Leg Over Leg Over

Leg Overs: Arms out in “T” position, legs straight on floor, lift left leg up as high as you can while keeping knee straight and then cross it over your body toward the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and return to starting position. Repeat 3 times to each side.



ScorpionScorpions: Arms out in “T” position, legs straight on floor, lift one leg up and over toward opposite shoulder being sure to bend the knee and keep the leg abducted (apart from opposite leg), pause briefly, return to starting position and repeat to opposite side. Be sure not to let your thigh drop toward the opposite leg during the movement. Repeat 3 times to each side.


Press UpsPress Ups: Hands under shoulders, press up one vertebral level at a time while keeping low back and buttocks relaxed. Go as far as you comfortably can, pause, making sure your buttocks are relaxed and return to starting position. Repeat 3 times.

Thread-the-Needle Stretch: On hands and knees, lift one leg up and over the opposite ankle, sliding foot down and back, keeping hips squared up until you feel a stretch on the outside of the hip on your bent leg Hold for 45 seconds. If possible, add a “thread-the-needle” component by threading the arm opposite the bent leg through the space between the supporting arm and the bent leg. Repeat once on each side.

Thread the Needle Thread the Needle Thread the Needle
Hold 30 seconds
Hold 15 seconds

Frog StretchFrog Stretch: Tall kneeling, knees slightly wider than shoulder width, go forward onto hands; keep feet together in back (it is okay if they come off the floor as long as feet stay together), slowly lower hips toward the floor unti a stretch is felt. Do not allow the low back to sag. If you don’t feel a stretch, push your feet to the floor in back making sure to keep feet together; if you still don’t feel a stretch, widen your knees then try again. Hold for 30 seconds.


Quad Stretch Quad Stretch

Quad Stretch: From tall kneeling, sit back on heels keeping knees together in front and bringing hands to the floor behind you; if still don’t feel a stretch, lift hips toward ceiling, Do not let knees come apart in front. Hold for 30 seconds.

Helpful hint: You may use a small towel roll under your ankles for support if it is uncomfortable; You can also put your hands on a foam roll or any other object if you lack the flexibility to get in the regular position.

Then lift heel off floor, bend knee, and slowly lower back to the floor. Hold 20 seconds with knee bent.


Heel Cord Heel Cord
Heel Cord

Heel Cord Stretch/Big Toe Rocks: In pike position with both hands on floor, lift one foot to heel of opposite foot; lift heel off the floor to achieve great toe extension, then slowly lower back to the floor giving pressure in a downward direction with the opposite foot from behind, Repeat 3 times.

Then lieft heel off floor, bend knee, and slowly lower back to the floor.


Hold 20 seconds with a knee bent.

Inch Worms Inch Worms

Inch Worms: Start in a push up position and walk your feet to your hands, keeping your knees straight and your heels on the ground. Stop when you feel a stretch in the back of your legs. Then slowly walk your hands away from your feet until the stretch goes away. Repeat this 1 times.


Toe Straight x 3
Sprinter's Stretch
Sprinter's Stretch
Tow Out x 3
Tow In x 3

Sprinter’s Stretch: Kneel on right knee with your left leg in front of you with your foot flat on the ground, place hands on the floor to support yourself. Straighten left hip and knee slowly, keeping foot flat. Hold for a count of 1-2, lower, and repeat three times in a slow pumping motion.

Repeat stretch with left foot turned out, and then with left foot turned in. Perform same stretch with right leg in front.



Spider Man: Lunge forward onto right leg, bringing right arm to the inside of the right leg and lower hips toward the floor until you feel a stretch in the left hip flexor. • Hold 10 seconds with back leg straight.

Then, drop back knee to the ground, bend back knee and grab foot with opposite hand, bring foot toward buttocks as you lower your hips to the ground, hold 10 seconds.



This Dynamic Flexibility information is kindly provided by Performance Dynamics. The program has been developed from the contributions of Amy Goddard, PT, CSCS, and John Zanas, PT, CSCS, PES.

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